Delta Fencing Club


June 2nd, 2014: Fence-a-thon

Our fencers competed in a 24 hour fencing competition in an attempt to raise funds for cancer research. I believe over $2000 dollars were fundraised between all the different clubs. Excellent work everyone!

David Shorey
May 20th, 2014: Jeux De Pommes and Website up!

After about a week of being offline, the website is finally back up and you can now see some photos from the "Jeux de Pommes" competition in Vernon. Good job Ali and Evan at the event and thanks Matt for hosting.

David Shorey
May 7th, 2014: Photos Uploaded

Hi! We now have photos from our club posted on the homepage and in the photo gallery. A big shout out to Andreas for making it happen!

David Shorey
May 6th, 2014: New Attendance Record

Hi everyone! We had a record breaking 20 fencers show up for our training tonight. We had a lot of fun, and I'm hoping to see all of you back next week!

David Shorey
May 5th, 2014: Hello Fencers!!

Greetings friends! Welcome to the new Delta Fencing Club website. This section of the website will be devoted to detailing our progress as a team at local, national and international events, as well as any training camps that we attend. I hope you're all out enjoying the nice weather!

David Shorey